Refinement of materials using cryogenic temperatures

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Your steel, capable of much more – thanks to innovative processes at very low temperatures from the world of cryotechnology

Every time metal is processed and treated, – be it a hardening or a cutting process – stress arises. Our cryotechnology helps to reduce these internal stresses within the material. This means that, when performing further metalworking, clamping and unclamping processes can be significantly reduced and time-consuming stoppages can be avoided. In addition, the wear behaviour of edges on processing and machining tools is significantly improved, especially when working with high-speed steel (HSS, HSS-Co), hard metals (cermets, WC-Co) and high-alloyed cold-worked/hot-worked steels.

How does the cryogenic process work? The metal parts are heated and cooled repeatedly. The ratio between the cooling and heating rates is the decisive factor in this process. The holding times for each temperature and the cooling speed depend on the respective workpiece and the material it’s made from – and are therefore different for every metal part. Processing type, geometry, wall thickness, alloying elements and previous heat treatments are just a few of the factors that play a role in the cryogenic process.

How do cryogenic temperatures improve the material properties of metal parts? The cryogenic process forms hard carbide in the material structure, thus increasing the martensite content. The treatment causes crystallographic and microstructural changes that lead to a more homogenous structure. In this way, the cryogenic process increases wear resistance and toughness, thereby improving the material properties of the metal part.

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Would you like to learn more about cryotechnology? Or use the cryogenic process with your steel and metal parts and achieve the positive effects that come with it? Then give us a call. Our experts can use their knowledge and experience to provide you with an initial assessment of your query. We look forwarding to speaking with you.

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About the kptec cryo lab

Together with scientific partners from the Research Association for Steel Application (FOSTA), we are constantly developing our cryotechnology further in the lab. We research specific tasks and define cases of application, treatment methods and test scenarios – and we don’t stop until we know whether or how the application works and how great the effects are.

It may be true that cryotechnology is still able to catch us off guard. However: With every experiment and every application, the possible uses become clearer.

At kptec, we use the opportunities provided by cryotechnology in our own applications at the sister companies „kptec precision parts“ and „kptec service“.

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