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The kptec spindle pool


Professional storage and immediate availability of your spindle

If your spindle breaks down, you will need to move quickly – a replacement spindle is the optimal solution here. But when it comes to ensuring this is ready to use immediately, correct storage plays an important role. With the kptec spindle pool, we offer an optimal model that will help you cut costs at the same time.

Many cutting mechanics from the automotive and series production sectors hold replacement spindles – here, every second counts. Unfortunately, these replacement spindles are often stored incorrectly. The spindles are stored behind the machine in a cold warehouse, and in the worst cases, the spindles are unable to be located at all.

Always ready for use

The kptec spindle pool is here to ensure that doesn’t happen. Here, the spindles are professionally stored under optimal conditions. In addition, the spindle is regularly put through both grease distribution runs and test runs. This ensures that the spindle is ready for use at any time, even if it has been in storage for a prolonged period. Without these runs, there is a risk of the bearings being damaged after the spindle has been running for even a short period of time due to a lubrication failure. Another advantage of storing spindles in the kptec pool is the extended warranty – which doesn’t start running down until the delivery of the spindle from the spindle pool.

The keyword here is delivery: A direct courier will be on hand to begin the process of delivering your spindle from the moment you request it. kptec will arrange for the spindle to be delivered within a maximum of 24 hours after it has been requested from the spindle pool. In most cases, however, the spindle is with the customer much faster.

The kptec team will also be happy to support you in optimising your maintenance costs. A number of customers are already making use of this offer to great effect.

How? It’s really quite simple:

Many companies have multiple production sites, but these sites are organising and carrying out maintenance independently of one another. In many cases, this leads to multiple replacement spindles being stocked at each factory or location. This is where kptec comes in. We provide support in this regard and work together with the various locations to develop a stocking strategy. This enables different locations to access one and the same spindle type in the kptec spindle pool. This will help reduce the number of stocked replacement spindles, which in turn will lead to significantly lower maintenance costs and capital commitment costs. Your maintenance and purchasing departments will always have the benefit of an overview thanks to the ability to access the stored spindles online.

Further information can be found here.

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