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Markus Griesinger

Facharbeiter Dreh- / Fräszentrum bei kptec precision parts


HOW I FOUND KPTEC: I was made aware of kptec by a friend. He told me about the company at a ball I attended. That was on a Saturday. The following Monday, I was being interviewed, and the week after that I was already getting started. Having worked with identical lathes before, my first steps here at the company were fairly simple, and I have now been working at kptec for 14 years. MY DAILY DUTIES AT KPTEC: My tasks involve hard and soft turning as well as milling and boring.


I have very few tasks that are exactly the same every day – there is always something different to do. We are always receiving orders for new parts. I create the programme for them, and I optimise them, too – something that means I am truly challenged every day. And that’s the fun of it. My work is always varied and that’s what makes it challenging.


In my job, you need to be very precise, it’s not something everyone can do. It requires a lot of experience and machine knowledge. Even just adjusting the machine for new parts requires a lot of concentration, as a mistake can lead to hefty delays, which can be incredibly costly. Depending on the part, the adjustment/setup process can take an entire day. You also need good programming skills and a lot of technical knowledge.

HOW I BALANCE MY LIFE AFTER WORK: I’m interested in anything that sounds fun, really. I enjoy riding my motorbike, it allows me to really switch off and just enjoy the freedom. Riding a motorbike requires your full concentration, which is why you can’t help but think of nothing else while you’re doing so. I’m also really into anything to do with sport. I enjoy playing football, going swimming, riding my bicycle and skiing – anything I have the time for. WHAT MAKES ME LAUGH, EVEN ON A BAD DAY: My son, definitely! I only have to look at him to put a smile on my face. There is no substitute for a child’s laughter, and he laughs all the time.

He is up for having fun at every opportunity and is always cheerfully… laughing his little head off. My dog Luna always makes me laugh as well, she’s just a real family dog and is always part of the fun.


Live each day as if it were your last.

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