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Your replacement spindle – ready immediately

In the event of a spindle crash or spindle damage, you will need an appropriate replacement spindle fast. It must fit your machine perfectly and be ready for use immediately. „If you rest, you rust“ – in the case of improper spindle storage, this saying applies quite literally; that’s why we make sure your replacement spindles are stored properly and safely in our spindle pool.

This ensures a deployable spindle is at your disposal at a moment’s notice. We also take care of the regular inspection and care of your replacement spindles – in our spindle pool, your spindle is king.

How does a spindle pool work?

Once spindle maintenance has been carried out, your spindle will be logged in our spindle pool app and then properly stored for you. We will inspect, move and care for your replacement spindle at regular intervals. This ensures that it is ready for you to use at any time. Good to know: Your spindle will be insured at replacement value the entire time it is in storage with us.

While the spindle is in storage, you will be able to access your area in the spindle pool online at any time. A clear, transparent and interesting solution, particularly for companies that store replacement spindles across locations. Employees at different locations can find out which replacement spindles are currently available, regardless of which site they work at.

When you do require your spindle, we will deliver it to you right away via a forwarding agent or direct courier. Alternatively, one of your drivers can pick it up from us directly. And the warranty you receive on all spindles maintained by us will not start running down until it is in your hands.

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„A professionally maintained spindle is one thing, proper storage following the repair process is another. I oversee regular inspections together with my colleagues. And if things need to move along quickly, the spindle will be with our customer within 24 hours at the latest.“

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The benefits of our spindle pool to you

Spindel Transport Tauschspindel

Availability within 24 hours

Your replacement spindle is ready for delivery at any time and can be installed straight away. Regular maintenance, inspections and professional care ensure it is always ready for use.

Spindel Versicherung Gewährleistung

Warranty starts upon completed delivery

The warranty period for spindles that have been maintained by us does not start to run down until the spindle has been delivered – but also 24 months after completion at the latest.

Spindel Kontrolle Wartung

Regular inspections and care

All stores replacement spindles are organised by us with the support of software. This ensures we are aware of when regular inspections and care measures are due to be carried out and can act accordingly.

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It will be our pleasure to provide you with the support you need and create good, concrete and sustainable solutions to deal with your issues. What happens next? From problem analysis and preventative maintenance, right through to replacing bearings and conducting a general overhaul – we provide you with a comprehensive spindle service that ensures your machining spindle will always be turning in an optimal fashion. It goes without saying that our technicians will be happy to pay you a visit if required. Our goal is to create quick, sustainable and uncomplicated solutions that prevent spindle worries from arising in the first place. And with that, we look forward to speaking with you.

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