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More efficiency via clear-cut spindle inspection

For our spindle inspections, we use a compact, portable measuring system: The spindle case, which makes our kptec service extremely flexible. With the spindle case, we can get to you quickly and very easily carry out an inspection of your motor spindle on-site.

As the inspection is carried out without a connection to the machine control system, we can use the spindle case for almost all machine tools.

What does the spindle inspection entail?

We will define the test parameters with you in advance according to your machine tool’s purpose: Which tolerance limits are technically necessary and should apply? What deviations are permitted? Using high-precision laser technology, we measure – subject to the required rotational speed – the radial runout behaviour of your spindle. We also record the vertical linear thermal expansion in your spindle during operation.

The measurement results acquired from this process will be provided to you in digital form and chronological order. You will thereby be getting the exact position of your spindle lengthways. With this information, you will be able to process your workpieces even more precisely. Needless to say, the condition of your spindle’s gripper is checked as part of every spindle inspection. Get in touch with us. Our service technicians will be happy to advise you.

Our spindle inspection workflow

  • Securing and aligning the laser measurement system on your machine table
  • Starting the break-in programme on your machine: Measurements of your spindle are taken at a wide range of rotational speeds
  • Transmitting the measured values, recorded under real conditions, via ribbon cable: Your machine tool’s door remains closed during the measurement process
  • Visualisation and preparation of the measurement data in the form of a measurement report
Carsten Kruse kptec

„Predictive maintenance is the topic of our time – because spindles need to run. As a former maintenance manager, I know what’s important and can use my experience and expertise to support our customers.“

Carsten Kruse, Außendienst kptec service gmbh

The benefits of a spindle inspection to you

Spindel Kontrolle Wartung

Preventative maintenance

A spindle inspection will help you lower costs in the long term. It will also lead to heightened productivity and increased machine availability – meaning you’ll be the one in control when it comes to downtimes.

Spindel Prüfung

Optimise processing

Your motor spindle is tested at a wide range of rotational speeds in a way that is appropriate for your machine and the processing of your workpieces.

Dreh Spindel Optimierung

Raise workpiece quality

By assessing vibrations, we can, regardless of the tool in question, draw conclusions on the achievable surface quality of your workpieces.

Schleifen Innenkontur

Avoid machine failures

Impending machine failures can be picked up on before they occur: We are able to immediately recognise critical deviations by looking at the graphical representation of the test parameters.

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It will be our pleasure to provide you with the support you need and create good, concrete and sustainable solutions to deal with your issues. What happens next? From problem analysis and preventative maintenance, right through to replacing bearings and conducting a general overhaul – we provide you with a comprehensive spindle service that ensures your machining spindle will always be turning in an optimal fashion. It goes without saying that our technicians will be happy to pay you a visit if required. Our goal is to create quick, sustainable and uncomplicated solutions that prevent spindle worries from arising in the first place. And with that, we look forward to speaking with you.

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