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Shaft renovation: Long live the spindle!

The spindle shaft, the spindle housing, the drawbar, the spindle bearings and the gripper – these mechanical parts form the crucial basis when it comes to the accuracy and service life of your spindle. Some of these parts, such as the spindle bearings, are wearing parts that we replace with new ones. For other components, we thoroughly refurbish them as part of the shaft repair process. The result? Lower costs, but not a lower quality spindle.

When renovating shafts, we benefit from the know-how of our sister company kptec precision parts. Over the last few decades, the company has built up its expertise as a result of manufacturing well over 100,000 shafts, drawbars and housings. When it comes to measuring and assessing taper angles, plane surfaces and clamping slopes, tolerances within the micron range require the utmost precision. kptec precision parts has the knowledge and technical equipment to measure the relevant dimensions and tolerances in the interfaces and to process them accordingly. That is our advantage – and yours too!

The majority of the work is carried out here in-house. Laser welding and grinding work is performed by experienced professionals. This means that we are always in control of the dimensional accuracy of the shaft renovation ourselves. Using our extensive machine park, we process spindle parts with a diameter of up to 400 millimetres and a length of up to 1,200 millimetres. In special cases, we will also utilise the cryogenic treatment method provided by kptec cryo in order to, for example, improve the dimensional stability and wear resistance of the components.

If specialist know-how is required to solve a task, we will work with proven partners who, for example, will coat damaged and pre-ground surfaces using the HC or HVOF process, thus improving the hardness and structure of the parts‘ surfaces. With this increased protection against wear and corrosion, your spindle is given the best opportunity to function precisely and for a long time.

Christos Deltsidis kptec

„The heart of the spindle – the spindle shaft – demands the highest standards of both man and machine when it comes to the manufacturing process. I take on the challenge of producing micron tolerances every single day so that our customers can keep on receiving spindles that run in a highly precise fashion.“

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The benefits of our shaft renovation process to you

Schleif Spindel Optimierung

Manufacturing know-how – for first-class spindle components

Precision, tolerances, material, standards, HSK and SK interfaces, bearing seats and sliding seats. We know what cutting production is all about – and for which parts of a spindle a sustainable refurbishment makes sense.

Spindel Wellen Reparatur Lasern

Quicker and cheaper than a new shaft

We are here for you when it matters most: We have all the technologies required for shaft refurbishment in-house. This is almost always cheaper than buying new at single piece / replacement part prices.

Spindel Komponenten

Acquiring important components

Want to carry out the spindle repair yourself? We will support you with the process of refurbishing sensitive components. And if you are satisfied with our service, we would be happy to deal with your more complex motor spindles as well.

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It will be our pleasure to provide you with the support you need and create good, concrete and sustainable solutions to deal with your issues. What happens next? From problem analysis and preventative maintenance, right through to replacing bearings and conducting a general overhaul – we provide you with a comprehensive spindle service that ensures your machining spindle will always be turning in an optimal fashion. It goes without saying that our technicians will be happy to pay you a visit if required. Our goal is to create quick, sustainable and uncomplicated solutions that prevent spindle worries from arising in the first place. And with that, we look forward to speaking with you.

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