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How to minimise failures with a refurbished spindle

If your machine is standing idle as a result of a defective spindle, you will need a replacement quickly. Don’t have your own replacement spindles? Then you are welcome to draw on our refurbished spindle pool. Of course, not every spindle type is always available in our pool; the range of spindles out there is far too large for that.

Having said that, we do supplement our stock with the latest spindle types, and thus are regularly adapting our pool in line with current needs. We use an intelligent filter for this process and also assess all customer requests for a refurbished spindle – so it’s always worth reaching out to us.

The path to a refurbished spindle that’s right for you

The precise technical identification of the spindle is of central importance. Once we have identified the „right“ refurbished spindle, and if we have it in stock, we will gladly deliver it to you right away.

We also support you with installation and removal through the deployment of experienced service technicians from our proven partner network. Thanks to the best contacts to service companies in the whole of Germany, we will be able to find the right service technician for you – one that is nearby and has experience with your machine type.

Once your machine is up and running again, send us your defective spindle so that we can carry out maintenance on it. Once it has been repaired, we will store the now good-as-new spindle for you.

From this point on, you will benefit from the advantages of having your own replacement spindle. Or you can sell your defective spindle to us. We will then maintain it at our own expense and make it available for use once more in our pool as a refurbished spindle. In this instance, you will not incur any stockpiling costs. When utilising this approach, it is important to enquire in good time as to whether the spindle is actually available for you in the refurbished spindle pool.

One thing we can promise you: We will do everything we can to ensure you swiftly receive a ready-to-use spindle that is in top condition. As we always say: For us, the spindle is king.

Matthias Gänsler kptec

„If the machine is at a standstill, sometimes the express repair of a spindle won’t work – in which case a replacement will need to be with the customer within hours. This challenge is what makes my job so exciting.“

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The advantages of our refurbished spindles to you

Spindel schnelle Bearbeitung

Immediate availability

If the right refurbished spindle is available, it can be sent out within just a few hours. We work with reliable forwarding agents and couriers – or you can pick up the spindle from us directly.

Spindel Service Techniker

Support with removal and installation

The experienced service technicians from our partner network are happy to lend a hand. Because what matters is experience with your specific machine, geographical proximity and fast response times. And these are exactly the things we are especially good at.

Spindel Schadensanalyse

Solutions for a defective spindle

Once your machine is running again with our refurbished spindle, we will be happy to advise you on what to do next with the defective spindle. With our sustainable spindle maintenance service, you will maintain the value of your spindle and be able to make use of it again in the future.

Spindle worries? Give
us a call

Our spindle experts will be happy to advise you

It will be our pleasure to provide you with the support you need and create good, concrete and sustainable solutions to deal with your issues. What happens next? From problem analysis and preventative maintenance, right through to replacing bearings and conducting a general overhaul – we provide you with a comprehensive spindle service that ensures your machining spindle will always be turning in an optimal fashion. It goes without saying that our technicians will be happy to pay you a visit if required. Our goal is to create quick, sustainable and uncomplicated solutions that prevent spindle worries from arising in the first place. And with that, we look forward to speaking with you.

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