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Rotationally symmetrical precision parts: for maximum performance and precision when it comes to your machines and drives

In machine engineering and other sectors, there is no substitute for the mechanical precision of important components. Modern sensors and control technology compensate for mechanical inaccuracies in physical processes – at least up to a certain point. At the end of the day, however, what is often needed is micron precision, which can only be achieved with a great deal of experience.

The advantage of our precision parts to you: The higher the mechanical precision of the metal parts, the greater the reduction in vibrations, backlash and premature wear and tear. We offer mechanical precision parts you can use to achieve superior performance and accuracy with your machines.

To ensure that the conditions in your assembly are process-reliable, we manufacture your precision parts under adherence to very, very small tolerances. This limits the effects to a technical and physical minimum once the tolerance fields of different components has been added up. As part of our quality control, we therefore measure all relevant dimensions of each individual part. If everything fits, we mark the precision parts with a unique number and store the measurement reports. All precision parts are properly documented and can be completely traced if required. One thing that won’t go unnoticed by you: We are really, truly precise, both in terms of products and the manufacturing process.

Carsten Kruse kptec

There is no such thing as a little bit of precision. That’s why we turned to the experts at kptec.

Our precision parts for various sectors

Machine tools

Many high-precision CNC parts are used around the drive spindle of metal cutting machine tools.

Packaging machines

Speed and reliability are important criteria for packaging machines – this is where our precision parts can really show what they are made of.

Printing machines

In addition to the very precise rollers and cylinders, we also manufacture many other rotationally symmetrical metal parts that are made to last and will blow you away when you see them in action.

Drive technology

Modern drive technology depends on efficient power transmission. Our precise metal parts are designed with high frequencies and fast rotations in mind.

Environmental technology

From waste disposal systems to the use of renewable energies: Automation is playing an increasingly important role in technological processes.


Increasing performance and high demands placed on surface quality are leading to constantly increasing requirements in terms of precision.


Only the best is good enough: The loads exerted on components are enormous, and that last micron can make all the difference.

Hydraulics and pneumatics

Power transmission alongside oil and air pressure places high demands on the mechanical accuracy and resilience of many parts.

An extract from our manufacturing spectrum for precision parts

Want precision? We can deliver it.

We look forward to your enquiry: All you need to do is provide us with the manufacturing drawing of the machine component, the required quantity and the desired delivery date. The documents for your precision part can be sent to us via a quick enquiry in a process that is very straightforward. On this basis we will quickly create an offer for you – one that is non-binding. If we have any queries, we will get in touch, if everything looks good, then we will start making the necessary calculations as well as checking the desired delivery date right away. Do you have questions? Then feel free to give us a call.

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