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Turning, milling, grinding: Precision arises when modern technology meets real expertise

We will deliver even the most complex rotationally symmetrical CNC parts and modules to you on schedule. What’s special about the production of these components and modules is the high number of technical operations that are necessary to produce such precise workpieces. With the help of intelligent processes and modern machines, we combine as many work steps as possible within one clamping operation, which saves time and is conducive to quality.

However, despite these efforts, it is not uncommon to see up to 20 different technical operations on one part: Turning, milling, grinding, assembling, as well as shrink-fitting, hardening, straightening and balancing – A variety of technologies and skills that our specialists are supreme masters of. Hundreds of intermediate and final measurements are also taken in order to provide support across the entire production process, right through to the final quality check. Manufacturing therefore requires a great deal of experience and stable processes so that we can produce and deliver excellent parts and modules on the agreed date.

Accurate to a hair’s breadth: Turning and milling

In the first step, the essential part of the shaping process takes place on our modern turning/milling centres. If possible, we work out our manufacturing strategy in such a way that we can drill all the holes in two clamping operations and produce the inner and outer contours by means of turning and milling. If there are special requirements, deep holes will need to be drilled in a separate process. The manufacturing accuracy here is in the 0.02 millimetre range, meaning it is already three times smaller than the width of a human hair.

Fertigung Drehen

Shaping through turning and milling

Depending on the component, around 50 percent of the material, both on the inside and the outside, is removed via machining in order to produce the part’s contour.

Fertigung Fräsen

Complete contour in two clamping operations

It needs to be fast and precise: A few clamping operations secure the geometry and reduce lead time in relation to the manufacturing process.

Tieflochbohrung Fertigung

Deep hole drilling in special cases

Particularly large or particularly deep holes are deep-hole drilled using special machines. This is where the usual turning/milling centres hit their limit.

Smaller than a grain of pollen: Hard turning

When hardening the components, so-called hardening distortion often occurs along the longitudinal axis: The components warp and become crooked. But their length and radius change as well – both on the inside and the outside. Mechanical and thermal straightening processes will almost restore the components to their original shape. The hardening distortion inaccuracies that still remain after these processes have been carried out are eliminated through hard turning. The components are thus ready for the high-precision grinding process. The grinding allowance is turned and rotational symmetry is restored at the same time. Accuracy is now in the 0.01 millimetre range – that’s already smaller than a grain of pollen.

Gehärtete Wellen

Refinement through hardening

The hardening process makes the component much more resistant to mechanical stress. However, the component also warps during this step and needs to be straightened.

Veredeln Härten

Correction via the straightening process

Rotational symmetry can be largely restored through straightening. But the part is still lacking that final degree of precision.

Fertigung Drehen

Cost-efficiency through hard turning

Hard turning makes the part symmetrical and perfectly concentric again: The economical way to prepare the part for cylindrical grinding.

Accurate to the micrometre: Cylindrical grinding

The required level of accuracy is achieved during cylindrical grinding, the last step in the production process. We manufacture the diameters with a tolerance of just a few microns. The particularly precise cylinders often serve as bearing seats for precision bearings of the highest accuracy. But the dimensions of conical surfaces – outside and inside – are very precisely tolerated as well, e.g. when it comes to motor spindles for cutting machines: The accuracy of the tool interface is what makes the difference here. The very precise grinding of small, deep holes is particularly tricky. In addition to the extremely tight tolerances, the quality of the surface finish must also be ensured. The hole’s diameter to depth ratio is also a challenge. To ensure the result is correct down to the depth of the component, you need very, very good machines and really, really highly trained specialists with a lot of experience in manufacturing.

Schleifen Aussenkontur

Accuracy through grinding

Cylindrical grinding gives the contours a high level of accuracy. The degree of precision is increased once more by almost the power of ten.

Schleifen Innenkontur

Internal grinding of deep holes

Due to the radial grinding pressure on the mandrels, it takes a lot of experience and tact to precisely produce the required dimensions in the depths of the component.


Accurate to the micron

In practice, there is no substitute for mechanical accuracy. High-precision cylindrical grinding is therefore the measure of all things.

Exact module assembly for perfect functionality

In many cases, as part of the manufacturing process, we not only supply the machined shaft, but also assemble the various attachments at the same time. During the module assembly phase, we assemble the modules according to your exact specifications – either as a pure assembly service or in combination with the parts manufactured by us and the parts provided by you. In the case of motor spindle shafts, we shrink fit rotor packs and compensating washers during production, for example, and then finish the completed parts. On request, we can also take over responsibility for parts logistics in its entirety as well as for procuring the required parts in relation to this. If you choose this option, you will only have to plan the finished assemblies. Our module assembly service makes things very easy for you indeed.

Teile zusammensetzen

Completing of rotors

Modern components consist of several individual parts that are pieced together. After assembling these parts, we finish the module.

Spindel Komponenten

Contract assembly in the event of capacity bottlenecks

We will be happy to support you if you are running low on capacity. We have experienced fitters who will implement just what is important for your modules.


Module planning

We take over responsibility for assembly as well as both our own and third-party parts logistics. All you need to do is make arrangements for the module, we’ll take care of the rest.

Ensuring precision is achieved: Measuring and quality check

Precision does not happen by accident. In our manufacturing process, we make absolutely sure that we only produce the best quality goods. This requires modern machines, experienced and motivated employees, and many many measurements and testing throughout the process. Sometimes these are automated in the machine. And sometimes they are performed manually by our experts. Despite all the measurements we carry out, we still conduct an additional, 100% inspection of all functional and dimensional specifications before delivery. We log the result digitally and will make it available to you on request. As a result, many of our customers dispense with their own detailed receiving inspections and install the parts directly. This makes our 100% post-production inspection all the more important.

Messtisch Zeichnung Prüfen

Process-accompanying automatic checks

We measure the parts regularly during the ongoing manufacturing process. If necessary, we can make adjustments in good time and thus comply with the dimension specifications across every phase.

Expertise Maschinen

100% inspection

Many of our customers have faith in our quality standards and install the parts directly. Our documented quality is the reason behind this level of trust.


Careful packaging

Good preservation and professional packaging ensure that the goods reach you in the same condition they left our building.

Want precision? We can deliver it.

We look forward to your enquiry: All you need to do is provide us with the manufacturing drawing of the machine component, the required quantity and the desired delivery date. The documents for your precision part can be sent to us via a quick enquiry in a process that is very straightforward. On this basis we will quickly create an offer for you – one that is non-binding. If we have any queries, we will get in touch, if everything looks good, then we will start making the necessary calculations as well as checking the desired delivery date right away. Do you have questions? Then feel free to give us a call.

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