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Digitalisation as part of our service


Repairing a motor spindle generates a wealth of data. The first step is to diagnose the defective motor spindle. Numerous measurements and checks are carried out on the motor, sensors and individual mechanical parts. Once approval to repair the spindle has been received, we then carry out the renovation process and procure the required components and modules.

If all the required parts are available, the processed components and modules will be installed. The previously established data forms the basis for an efficient and high-quality installation process. As part of the final test run, more data on runout behaviour, temperature changes, vibrational behaviour and many other performance/quality criteria will be recorded, documented and archived.

The result of this highly complex process is a mass of data that is documented across many, many sheets of paper.

Many, many sheets of paper

The aim of the Digital core process project was to lay the foundations for end-to-end digitalisation within the core business that is spindle repairs. This involved scrutinising the core process in detail and then rethinking it. This new approach brings with it rationalisation effects and helps to eliminate unnecessary paper documentation from the word go. This was the prerequisite for implementing a central database-based software solution and it enables further utilisations beyond the core process in the future.

An important future use of this digitally recorded data is the establishment of a knowledge base to support and train employees.

The digital spindle file can also be implemented in this way. The customer will then be able to retrieve relevant data on their orders and spindles digitally at any time and from any location. The motor spindle’s digital twin!

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