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Calculating precision parts with the help of AI


With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), the speed at which we are calculating new parts has increased enormously.

Since the beginning of this year, we have been using AI-based software, which is improving all the time, as part of our offer calculations at kptec precision parts.

Improving month by month

Using the digital drawing data, the AI develops a work plan that is tailored to our technologies; it then evaluates this with due regard to our machine hour rates and other parameters and creates a calculation proposal for parts, schedule and batch size. Our seasoned experts will then make corrections to this proposal, if necessary. The AI learns from this process and will be better the next time it is put into action. In the future, we expect the PDA data of the actual flow path of production orders to be fed back into the AI to form additional learning impulses.

Even today, after just over 6 months, the AI is delivering eminently usable results for shaft-type parts, which make up a large portion of our production spectrum. And the best part? The AI is getting better with every calculation!

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